"The quality of the products produced by CSE is extraordinary. Several of our reflective traffic and soft shell patrol jackets were submerged in patrol vehicles lost in the flood in High River on June 20, 2013. These jackets were found several days later, caked in mud and silt from the flood waters. We sent the jackets out to be cleaned (through the company who cleans our firefighters bunker gear) and when they were returned to us they looked brand new, right down to the name tags. The quality of the fabrics and workmanship is evident in every article of uniform clothing we have purchased from CSE. I highly recommend the investment in these pieces of uniform that we utilize on a daily basis to any enforcement agency. Thank you CSE!"

-High River, AB – MD of Foothills Agency


"I have not received one complaint from the membership in relation to the quiality or fit of our yellow traffic jackets which is actually pretty amazing considering the audience. It stands to show you get what you pay for."

-Edmonton Police Service, AB – Traffic Operations Supervisor


"Everything's perfect, everything looks good, everything fits well and wears nicely."

-Clearwater County, AB – Seargent


"This is undoubtedly the safest traffic enforcement gear I have ever worn."

-Mountain View County Patrol


Having worked in the Law Enforcement & Security Field for the past 20 years, I appreciate quality uniforms and duty gear products that promote workplace safety, while maintaining comfort and reliability. During my career I have used articles of clothing and equipment from various suppliers in Canada and the United States with limited satisfaction.
In 2000 I finally found the type of gear I needed in the field – from the folks at Crime Scene Evidence Ltd. Since then I have and continue to use their products faithfully. There is no question they provide superior quality equipment and value for our overall investment. Other products need to be replaced on a regular basis. My gear has never failed.

-Town of Beaumont, AB (Municipal Enforcement Supervisor)