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Layer Up - It is Getting Cold

The snow has begun to fall and the temperature has dropped.  It is time to start to think about layering up to brave to cold winter days ahead.
Layering is key to staying warm out in the cold. Every layer you add gives extra warmth and it is easy to shed those layers once inside. CSE has developed a 3-step layering system to provide the wearer with the ultimate warmth and comfort.

Begin with a base-layer. The Base-layer is the under most layer. It could be a pair of Polartec long underwear,  a long sleeve pull-over or a full-zip option.The fleece is soft of against the skin and it stretches with movement. It is light weight and an easy way to add some extra warmth.

Looking to be a little warmer? Next up is the Mid-layer, a windbloc fleece or a soft-shell option. This layer can be worn as the outer most layer (a standalone jacket) or layered underneath a shell to add extra warmth.
The Outer-layer has 3 different options the light-weight shell, the heavy-weight shell or the insulated parka. All outer options are able to layer over the Mid-Layer and Base-layer or can be worn on their own for a variety of different weather situations. They are available in a variety of style and color options.

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    Crimescene Evidence Ltd. (CSE) takes pride in providing well designed, high quality outerwear garments. With over 50 years experience working with Law Enforcement, EMS/Fire and Security Industries, CSE is a proven leader in technology, design and product manufacturing. Our staff is proud of the exceptional service we provide and the garments we produce.


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  • "I have not received one complaint from the membership in relation to the quiality or fit of our yellow traffic jackets which is actually pretty amazing considering the audience. It stands to show you get what you pay for."

    Edmonton Police Service, AB - Traffic Operations Supervisor



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